• Research
    Computing Center
    Lomonosov Moscow
    State University

    Administrative Management Information Systems of Moscow State University

  • The Research Computer Center develops information management systems for the Moscow State University. These systems provide support for new admissions and educational process, accounting for the staffing table and staff of the Moscow State University, analysis of the teaching load, document management of dissertation councils and the attestation commission of the Moscow State University. The system of digital private spaces for teacher and students hosts more than 30 thousand members and 
    RCC supports the work of the data processing server complex for the information systems of administrative management, created within the framework of the MSU 2020 Development program. At the moment, the complex unites 28 blade servers, has 312 cores, more than 3 TB of RAM and more than 30 TB of storage space. The disks are combined into fault-tolerant shared storage with caching of the most frequently read data, and the ability to create disk snapshots and back up to a tape library without stopping the provision of services. The protection is provided by 2 high-performance hardware Checkpoint firewalls with intrusion detection and prevention technology operating in a fault-tolerant cluster. The system has multiple redundant power supplies. 
    The range of technologies used in the development and integration of management information systems is expanding. In addition to information systems supporting the main business processes of MSU, a number of infrastructure projects are being developed.